The Phillips

One of the most amazing families I know lives a few houses down from my mom in Southaven, TN. Jeff is the youth pastor at my moms church, so Sara and I have alot in common. It is just so fun to hang out with someone who is so real. Emma and Ty are awesome too, and my kids consider them one of their closest friends. Here are a few pictures of the fam. More to come…


My Niece Lauren

While visiting my mom in Memphis, it was my joy to be able to spend some time with my only niece Lauren. She will be one next month and she is incredible. My kids love on her so much and honestly hanging around her really made me want to have another one. Cayden and her even had matching dresses. Ahhh, sweet bliss. Although I don’t see another baby in my near future, it was fun to spend the days I had with Lauren. I love her so much!