What’s in a shoe?


Cinderella, my favorite Disney princess, had her life change by her shoes. It changed her residence, her relationship status, her work, and more. Her way of life was altered, all because of one little glass slipper. Then there is Dorothy. How would she ever found her way back home without those ruby reds? I know what you are thinking, these are all just stories, made up by dreamers. There is no such thing as magical shoes. That is what I thought until recently!

A few days back, while laying our strong, outgoing child to bed I noticed that she was unusually quiet and her face held a somber disposition. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me nothing. I could tell she was holding back, so I hugged her and told her she could tell me anything. Within seconds, I was holding my baby girl as she cried for the first time about having to move away. She had teared up before and cried a little, but this was different. She missed our house, her friends, our neighbors and her school, and I was hearing all about it through tears. Was this her first real emotional melt down? My heart broke. It was one of those moments as a mom that I could not fix. I sang to her and played Disney clips in spanish, on Youtube, to help her feel better. When she was finally sleeping I went to my room and cried. How could I even make this better? How can I teach her to hang in there? I knew how she felt. I knew EXACTLY how she felt. Later, when the house was quiet, I went and climbed in bed with her and cried some more while she slept. I laid my hand on her back and told God he was going to have to take this one, because it was out of my hands.

The next morning I had a plan. Cayden had been needing brown shoes and Tim’s mom had sent money for Starbucks. It seemed like a perfect combination. I woke Cayden up and told her that after school we were going to the mall to get a Starbucks and look for shoes. She beamed with joy! I informed Tim of my plan and he jumped on board (what a good dad huh?).

When the kids were let out of school, we headed down to the Florida Mall. It is huge! We got our Starbucks in the two story cafe, sat on the sofas and talked about school, friends and life. Then we walked to her newly favorite store Justice. I don’t know how Cayden started loving this store, we have never shopped there, and she can barely fit into their stuff, but this is where she wanted to go. I knew finding affordable shoes in there was pretty much next to impossible, but it never hurts to look. I immediately headed back to the clearance and looked at the shoes. Nothing…wait…I reached in the back and pulled out some shoes. Did they meet the requirements? Brown? Yes! Size? 13, PERFECT! Affordable? No. The shoes were not marked down and still held the price of 28 dollars and some odd cents. UGH! I took them up to the register just to ask if maybe they were on sale, my budget was 12.99. (low I realize, but it is what we have to do). The shoes rang up to 6.99! I was excited and Cayden was over the top!


Immediately after the purchase she sat down and put them on. They didn’t match but she didn’t care. It was magical. She stood up exited the store raised her arms wide, stopped and started singing. Then she did a spin and skipped down the mall. Every once in a while she would stand still,  singing loudly songs by Demi Lovato but adding her own words about amazing shoes. Then she would spin a circle and continue on her merry way! A few times she  clasped her hands together, bend a little and squeal with excitement. Then she’d prance ever so gently to our side and say “Oh thank you so much daddy and mommy for my new shoes from Justice…” trailing off in yet another song. As we exited the mall through Sax Fifth Avenue, she walked through the store while shaking her hips with her hands pointed out in a prissy fashion, never once caring about the eyes that stopped to stare at this child who confidently strolled by. The ladies working smiled at me, as if they knew that Cayden was celebrating life through a new pair of shoes. A universal feeling girls of all ages could understand. I took a deep breath, a sigh of relief maybe. For now, not forever, but for now, Cayden had no worries. She felt great and so did I.


Walking to the car she held my hand and said

“Mommy, when a girl has a bad day all you gotta do is buy her shoes from Justice and it will make everything better.”

While Tim was a little concerned with the comment, I loved it. Then a few minutes later, I heard her tell her brother,

“You know Cobe, getting shoes is better than getting toys, you get to wear them wherever you go”

Of course he argued with her and informed her that you could PLAY with toys. She replied

“Yes , but shoes make you feel good”

Today I found magical shoes. Shoes that for the moment changed my little girls life, and all was well in the Grandstaff household…for now!