I know He watches me

The other morning my kids were getting ready for school and as I was walking into the kitchen I heard a loud thump by the window. Naturally I was curious so I looked over and saw a bird sitting with his little legs out in front of him, in a stuffed animal sort of way. I realized immediately that he had flown into the window and for the moment was injured enough to impair his flying. At once the tone in my house changed from slowly moving around to excessive chatter and a call for action. Though it was just a bird, when you add children to the mix, it becomes much more. My sensitive daughter was near tears wondering what we can do. Tim was not all that interested in rescuing the bird, but quick to remind us of all the disease a bird can carry. So I just sat there with my thoughts wondering what to do, and imagining the laughter I might get if I called animal control about this bird. I told Cayden to keep an eye on it while I finished the interrupted process of showering. By the time I had finished drying off, Cayden came running in exclaiming how the bird had flown off on his own. It just needed some time to get it’s bearings. God was watching that little “insignificant” bird, and when that bird had enough time he was up on it’s way. All that running around, and really, we didn’t have to do anything. That bird was already taken care of.

I went back in my room and started blow drying my hair and I was immediately reminded how often we run around trying to fix things on our own when life is not running as we feel it should. When we see someone  hurting, we run around frantically first trying to figure out the best way we can deal with the situation. If life  is in a spiraling direction going no where but down, we try all kinds of avenues to make it better.   How often do we run crazy before we stop and turn to God? How many times do we say a quick prayer in the midst of attempting to solve our own problem?  Of course I am not at all suggesting when someone is in need that we just sit and do nothing. It is our responsibility to love on those around us, especially the hurt and oppressed. I also am not suggesting that when troubled times come to be lazy and do nothing because God already has it figured out. I am simply suggesting that we pause for a moment and take time to really focus on asking God for guidance. Not guidance “on the go”. Sometimes we have already done ALL that WE can do, and we need to wait for God to help us get our bearings straight before we can fly off in the right direction. As well, sometimes, it isn’t up to us to fix the problems around us, with our friends, family members, school, etc. Sometimes God just wants us to assist. He already knows what is going to happen. He just needs us there. Not to take it all on. Not to hold the problem together. Just to be a piece of all that he has in works.

Matthew 6:26 says, Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?

This just makes me smile. May God give you the strength and wisdom to know how to handle life’s gifts and unexpected issues. May you learn to pause… and rely on HIS guidance and in that may you find His peace and most of all feel how much the heavenly Father LOVES YOU!

This is the hope I have for me and my family 🙂


Dear Grant…

Last week I noticed on a VERY dear friends facebook status, that her son, Grant had been made fun of in school. This was because he likes to read. When I told my son Cobe (who is also Grant’s friend) about this, he was appalled! In fact, he hasn’t stopped asking me about it since. Tonight he wrote a letter to him and I wanted everyone to see (it’s on handwriting paper, because we are also working on that aspect as well-lots of work still to be done :)):

He asked my permission to use the word “Jerks”, because that is one we aren’t allowed to use here! In this situation I thought it was fitting.

Grant, we so love you! We think you are adorable and we cannot wait to see what you end up as. You should NEVER worry about what others think of you, because you are very cool. One day the fact that you read is going to actually make you lots of money. Most importantly your heart for others is sweet and loving. As long as you keep those things in line God is going to do GREAT things for you. If anything the Grandstaff’s think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. SO THERE,  kids in Grant’s grade, as my mom used to say “Go suck an egg!” (Okay don’t use that one, because it was not cool then and it will probably never be)!

Never Dull.

I love being a mom. Most of the times it is quite rewarding, but there are moments when I realize why I deserve a special day every year. Today was one of them. My very curious 9 year old, decided it appropriate to stick his hand in a blob of oil paint, that had squirted from the tube. The rather large blob became bigger when he went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Apparently while in the restroom he smeared it all around his hands and well, water didn’t remove the oil paint.

So we walked all through JoAnne’s while his hands dried with no chance (at the moment) to remove the white paint. I didn’t know whether to tell a clerk something or just deal with it. After all it was pretty amusing, and quite disciplinary. However, as I went up for a price check the clerk assumed I was coming to request help for my son. I just played along, so they wouldn’t think I was a horrible mom. She gave us some Goo Be Gone. That only got half of it off. But after spending 10 minutes in the bathroom I decided to deal with it at home anyway. I did text Tim a picture to remind him of why it sometimes is hard to bring the kids along, and of course to send a subtle hint of how wonderful I am to deal with such issues!

Did I mention we are trying to snag a few family pictures tonight :).