My little Cayden

Cayden is ending her preschool year and next week she will graduate. With Cobe I felt so much like I had to be strong for him and because of that, we often find ourselves pushing Cobe to grow up; partly because that is what he needs, but partly because we tread water in the unknown. With Cayden I find myself wanting her to stay young and not grow up. If she doesn’t face a milestone I am content. She is, after all, my baby. Unfortunately I cannot stop the hands of time and she is growing up…year by year it goes faster and faster. I took these pictures to mark this time in her life, but as I edited them I realized the little things that are changing on her that are making her look grown up. Needless to say, I am not happy about them. I will say, however, some things with her never change, the ability to find drama and the ability to love a little spotlight (I have NO idea where she gets that).