SCHOOL’S OUT…almost!

We are in the last week of school and for the first time EVER in the history of the Grandstaff children, we will be returning to the the same school we attended the prior year! Sweet bliss! We won’t spend the summer wondering where our kids will attend, and what the building will look like. We won’t have to worry about how to do pick-up and drop off . We won’t have to scout out the area and make sure the kids know where to exit, and most annoyingly for me, I won’t have to fill out transfer paper work and drop it off and fill out MORE paper work (WOOOOOHOOOOO!)

First day of Kindergarten and First Grade

Every year we have been blessed with wonderful teachers. God puts the teachers in our lives, sometimes for only that year, but they have made lasting impacting impressions in our children’s lives. MORE than they will ever know. My daughter still talks about her pre-k teacher, and plans a visit when we return to GA to see her Kindergarten teacher! She loves running into Ms. Schreins classroom to get a big hug (one she misses so much). In fact, just this past year Ms Schrein gave Cayden ALL her little house on the prairie books. She has sparked an interest in our entire family. It is special to me because I grew up reading those books, and of course I lived near Walnut Grove. My kids love them! It’s funny how much one year can make such a difference! Cobe loved his pre-k teacher (Miss Christy-the same that Cayden had). She was influential in Cobe’s little life because he was an attatched little guy. He was fine with just staying home forever! She was his second mom for the year and I love her for that!

Just look at this video from when he was pre-school age.

This year was no exception to the awesomeness of the teachers. Cayden had two amazing teachers and Cobe’s teacher fit him perfectly (although I am sure there are times she wants to strangle his parents :)) It’s a known fact that on “meet the teacher day” I do something verbally that will embarrass at least one member of the family! We always leave the classroom and laugh and then I plug my ears telling Tim to stop, while he repeats some of my famous quotes from the previous conversations. Cobe usually says “mo-om” (you know the two syllable mom that is said out of embarrassment or doubt). Cayden just laughs and makes me feel better. This year, meet the teacher was anti-climatic. Instead of getting excited we were leary. We also had just been told that we may not even be moving into the house due to the loan. So we walked in to the school, not knowing (again) where to go, not knowing how the first day of school would go, and not knowing for sure if we were going to even be able to attend this school. After listing off all of Cobe’s issues and getting the look from Tim, I knew Cobe’s teacher was going to be amazing (we are praying for her to have Cayden next year). When we walked into Cayden’s room and met her TWO teachers I was put at ease!

End of the first day at school for second and third grade.

As the year as moved on, I have grown more and more excited about the elementary school my kids are at. We are now at home. Cayden’s teachers have taken her under their wings. They have kept me constantly informed and they have kept a special watch over Cayden. If some kind of conversation takes place that I need to be aware of I am always informed (with Cayden, that can be many). They have shown love, patience, and care for Cayden. In fact when I would ask Cayden who are her friends in school, she wouldn’t name anyone but Ms. Keene and Ms. Myers. When she was sick, one of her teacher’s would drop off her homework…seriously! We have even gotten meals dropped off for Cayden by her teacher when she is sick. I am way too spoiled. And I am sooo sooo thankful!

Cobe’s teacher has been great at exhibiting patience. With ALL of us. She has done a great job at teaching Cobe some organization and encouraging him when he is frustrated. What more can you ask for in a teacher? As I have said before, he is our attatched child. He is the child that every “first day of school” he is on the edge of our bed, fully dressed and with an upset stomach before we even open our eyes. He is the child who gets teary eyed at change, and boy this one has had to deal with quite a bit of it. While Cayden confidently walks into class, Cobe looks back several times over his shoulder. Cobe would have never made it through the year without Ms. Champions understanding and love. Nor would he have let his hair grow as shaggy without her telling him she liked it. He totally trusts her opinion :).

And as time continues, my kids continue to grow up. I cannot believe that I have an almost third and fourth grader! I pray that God continues to bless us with great teachers. Thank you to all the educators out there (especially to those who have loved my kids). Each year it seems the government takes more and more from you, yet you continue to give. To Ms. Christy, Ms. Debbie,  Ms. Schrein, Ms. Morrison, Ms. Thompson, Ms. DuPont, Ms. Champion, Ms. Keene, and Ms. Myers, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving a piece of you to my kids. You are so important to us and such and influential part in creating who my children will become. I love all of you!!!!