I miss Christmas!

I am a lover of all things Christmas. I know that it is super early to be missing the season, but I cannot help it! I have walked through the mall and seen the Hallmark ornaments hanging. I have allowed myself to wander through the doors of the majestic Disney Christmas store. I have even played the wonderful sounds of the season and sung along. Oh how I long for the moment when my tree goes up and I can once again celebrate this holiday season. This Christmas will be different from the others. Eight years in one house and now it is all different. I also have no way to envision it’s greatness (and in saying this I could say insanity!) because I am not exactly sure where we will be.  I have a feeling if we are still living here with the Harpers, I may not be able to decorate as much as I am used to :). I will try to figure it out though! I took a few pictures of my trees last year, knowing it would be the last they grace that house. In remembering Christmas in July…

This is our main tree. It has ornaments that the kids made, ornaments from when Tim and I were little, Ornaments from when we were married, Kids firsts,  of course my Cinderella ornaments etc. This tree is a representation of who we are as a family. Every year we all pick out ornaments that represent our year and things about us, and it goes on this tree. Of course we have a few on here that don’t mean anything, but I love!


This is my Vintage tree in the hallway. All the ornaments are antique or vintage….mostly from my grandparents tree or parents tree.


This is my Starbucks tree/gingerbread trees. They go in the kitchen and anything that belongs in Starbucks or in a kitchen may go on this tree, hence the gingerbread cookies. They are three of my littler trees, but they give the kitchen just the right touch!


Each kid has their own tree. Caydens is a vintage silver tree which she hangs princess ornaments and girly stuff on and adorned with purple lights. It is hers to decorate. She loves every year getting her box out with her ornaments and going crazy.

DSC_8189Cobe’s tree is all his own. He hangs boy stuff on it. He even strings up some of his action figures on this tree. Every year it is different, but he keeps his ornaments on there from when he was little.  I love that both my kids get into Chrismtas as much as me!


Of course the bathroom has a tree also. It doesn’t have lights because it sits close to the tub in this tiny bathroom, but who knows maybe this year will be different.


My favorite tree is my Santa Tree. It has a little history. One day one of my closest friends Kathlyn and I were driving by the Home Depot when we noticed in their dumpster was a Christmas tree. I went in the store and asked if I could have it and they said yes.  So Kathlyn and I climbed on in the dumpster and pulled all of this tree out. Then when we went to Target the ornaments were marked 75 percent to 90 percent off.  I was so excited. I bought everything for this tree (including the tree) for under 20 bucks. Then my mom also kept her keen eye out and sent me some more Santa ornaments. Now we are set!


Of course we had to put one in our room too. I got this tree for 5 dollars at a yard sale…it’s pre-lit.  All the ornaments on this tree were found at yard sales or given to us. I never have yet paid for ornaments full price (except for my Cinderella ornaments). It is a little bare, so I will be looking around for ornaments to complete this tree.


Of course there are many more trees in my house. I have some next to the TV…(fabulous!) and some next to the door. I also had a few down in the basement rooms. Those are my bigger than life trees with super big ornaments on them. Too many to post about but oh it makes me so excited to think about Christmas this year. I told Tim my one requirement for our house is to find one tall enough for the new 12 foot tree we were just given. I know beggars cannot be choosers, but wouldn’t that be cool?  As for now, all my Christmas decorations, are still in GA all 65 bins of them . I feel a little piece of me with them…silly as it sounds. I will feel much better when they come home to me. Tim promised before our tree erection date of November 1st, my  decorations will be safely where they belong!



She turned six a few weeks back. SIX! My little girl is growing, changing and becoming a little older….. I see it in her. I watch her move and I listen to the way she talks. It is all changing. It’s all becoming different. Sometimes I look and I see glimpses of the little toddler who would smile when I praised her. The tiny girl who looked to me to always dress her and always fix the little curls on her head. More often, lately, I see glimpses of who she will be as a young woman.  I see her little arms becoming a little more defined and her once chubby legs becoming more lanky. I can see, slowly, the wonderful creation that God is continuing to mold and make His. It breaks my heart that this little child, my little girl, is growing in an amazing way. Yet I know that this is all part of the cycle of life. I know it has to happen, like it did for me. Maybe one day she will get to experience the love and joy I have experienced  just in knowing her.

Cayden Reese I love you! You were a miracle to your daddy and I. I am so glad I had to lose to gain you! You make me smile and remind me of the small things in life. Thank you for being you!!!!!




I live here? I thought I was just on Vacation.

Tim and I spent the first week of our married life on a Disney Cruise, at Disney and shopping in the Florida Mall.  The following year we made our way to Orlando for a mini vacation. The year after that we came to Orlando again, with a one year old and a tiny pregnant belly.  Year after year staying with the Harper’s and every so often getting lucky enough to make it to Disney for a day. Vacation in Orlando was wonderful.

One month ago today, my family made the trip down to Florida,


…and we are still here. We moved in with the Harper’s


…. an amazing couple who have so graciously allowed us to live with them until our house sells. When we moved in the first two weeks I thought “What a nice vacation”. The last two weeks in my head I know we are here for good, but my heart is waiting to pack the suitcases up and head home. Only, this is now home. Our days here are filled with pool time and trips to Walmart. We also have been fortunate enough to save up for one year passes to Disney. This has been wonderful for the kids and I. Tim is a good sport. How can you not love the greatest place on earth?

I love it here. Of course I miss my friends, but I know this is where we belong.

Here is a photographic update on the last month!

Shortly after getting here we ran into my nephews on their trip to Disney with their dad. We later planned an ice cream date at The Boardwalk at Disney.


For Father’s day we took Tim to Putt Putt per request. Tim chose to go to the Christmas putt putt because he loves me. It was so much fun. We listened to Christmas music while competing against the boys. They won but only after  a putt-off at the end.


On June 27th Cayden turned 6. Some amazing friends came to celebrate the big day. Cayden chose to go to the happiest place of all, Disney World!


On July 4th we were back at Disney to watch the spectacular fireworks.


Then this past week we were at Fellowship Orlando’s Adventure Week. The kids had an amazing time and actually learned so much more than we have ever seen. Cayden has made a wonderful friend who is awesome, and Cobe overcame some big hurtles this past week. We are so proud of them.


They both got to help lead worship on stage. This was a big help in getting them involved and of course Cayden loved when the Chic-fil-a cow came to visit. She actually had a hard time not looking at him!SSO_1068


Oh and ever since we watched My Girl together, Cayden thinks it is cool to tuck her shirt in. It kind of works for her…maybe :).


I know our little journey is just so new. I look forward to seeing what new adventures await…big and little.