She prayed.

Tonight as we laid our children down to sleep this is the prayer Cayden said:


Dear God-Help us have a good night sleep and good dreams.

I pray for my new President that you would let him make good decisions.

Help all the people in all the Africas.

I will follow you to the sky.

Love Cayden. Amen.


It is good to teach our children to pray for those around them. Their little hearts are big enough to love others, even those that they don’t know. It is especially important that we as Americans pray for our President, and teach our children the importance of it. This little prayer was the sweetest I have heard yet. My little Cayden is innocent and precious.



Thank you!

I have never been a fan of doing things on my own. I stick with the tradition of ALL girls going to the bathroom together and anytime I can do something with someone, I prefer it. So nothing is better to me than raising this money with my friends and friends of friends. I am so thankful for everyone of you. Yesterday when we met the goal I started jumping up and down and then I broke into a dance no one should witness. It was so exciting to me that I heard from friends from high school, a pen pal who I have never met (yet spent many hours getting to know in my adolescence), best friends, church friends and people who I have never met, all coming together to share God’s greatest commandment of LOVING OTHERS. Today I have a renewed faith of knowing that together we really can accomplish things for God’s glory. I am freaking excited! 

Special thanks to Angela, Dez, and Tim, for helping me get the word out, and to all of you who called family and friends! You all rock!


This Christmas my husband handed me an envelope for me and the kids. Inside was a letter explaining that instead of giving gifts this year, we had given our money to buy 25 mosquito nets for some kids and teachers in Burkino Faso., Africa.  Now I know that this seems small and insignificant when their are so many other problems facing that country, but let me explain. There is a place that my husband has visited called the L.A.C. (Lycee Alliance Christienne). This place is a school where 6th grader-12th grade students come and go to school. Not only do they attend school here, but many also live here.  When Tim came home from Africa he showed me a picture that stuck with me. 


 Now it is not so much the picture itself, but the story which this picture holds. This is the sleeping corridors of some children at this school. Every day 3,000 kids in Africa die from Malaria. A disease contracted from mosquitos. If you notice in the picture not all beds have protection from those infectious mosquitos. The nets (malaria nets) can cut the risk of malaria by 70%!!! For a small price (6.00/net) you can help greatly in saving a child’s life. WOW!

Tim is in contact with this school and they have let him know that they are in need of 125 nets. Tim and our family purchased 25 and I am wanting to help get the other 100. I obviously cannot do this on my own. But if families that read this just bought 1 net we could do it. How fabulous would it be to send this organization a check for ALL of the mosquito nets. 

With the “month of love” coming up, how amazing if you talk to your family about extending God’s greatest commandments of loving others…FOR ONLY $6.00! I am sure your husband or kids would not mind giving up one box of chocolates to help save a life. 

The bottom line is last night I watched my kids laying there in their beds, safe and comfortable with no fear of dying. They know that in the morning they will wake up free of disease and infection.  I thought to myself about the mothers who think of their kids lying there and just PRAYING for someone to help save them. If for 6.00 I can help a child…who is no different from my own in flesh and blood…sleep feeling safe and sound then why shouldn’t I do it. That is why I am asking you to help.



IF INTERESTED you can send a check to our church address with a note of instruction to go to Tim Grandstaff for Malaria nets. Make the check payable to Engage Atlanta (with Malaria net on the check note).  

Westridge Church

ATTN: Tim Grandstaff

3522 Hiram-Acworth Hwy.

Dallas, GA , 30157


For more information on the L.A.C. you can contact my hubby at


UPDATE:  I have two families that are giving enough for 30 more nets. So that is 55! Only 70 more to go! COME ONE WE CAN DO THIS!!!! Just give for one if that is all you can do, it adds up!!!!!

Just got word that 5 more are being purchased! WOOO HOOO! Only 65!!!!! I am excited!!!!

3 more! Down to 62! Lets Go!

5 more! Only 57 left! Lets keep it going. Come one people!

10 MORE!!! WOOO HOOO! 47 to go! 

WOW YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! We are down to only needing 13 more!!!!! Tim says anything over that can go to replace the ripped nets. I cannot believe we have accomplished this in almost 2 days. It is amazing what we can do when we all do this TOGETHER!!!!

One more, down to a dozen!!!!

ONLY 7 left until we reach the goal…anything over can also help. There is ALWAYS room for help. If you are feeling led please give. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


Only 2 left! I think I may seriously cry!


WE DID IT!!!! THANK YOU ALL! I cannot wait to get these donations to L.A.C. and start saving lives! Thank you to everyone for helping. This is big and we all did something great today! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!








Grandma’s Advice

I always wonder what I am going to be like when I get older. What things will I think are just so wrong, and what things will I do that now I think is funny. Will I fall asleep randomly in the middle of conversation with people. Will I always have to sit in the same seat every meal. Little quirky things that seem so normal for my older family, yet so crazy for my youngself (though I do not think I am so young lately).  Well the other night, my daughter and I went to stay with MY grandparents. This is a special moment for me because Cayden and I sleep in the same bed that me and my sister slept in when we were younger. (decorated just for my twin and I  for its time in the early 90’s)


When Cayden and I visit, I love listening to Cayden. She asks questions about when I was little and we have a great time doing some of the things that I did when I was her age. My grandparents are wonderful people,

dsc_0272but often I can tell they don’t agree with everything I do in parenting and this particular visit I heard  many comments about Cayden talking so much. I LOVE it though. Cayden always is so chatty and she says the funniest things. She told my grandma that when she (Cayden) gets older and she is a MaMa, she will talk to her grand kids.  They will look at pictures of [my grandma] and “rememborize” her because she (my grandma) will be up in heaven.  Cayden never holds back on anything, from asking questions about the bruises my grandma has (age spots), to going up almost nose to nose when my grandpa suddenly falls asleep and asking him if he is really sleeping. My grandparents take it with stride and often start laughing at her inquisitivness. There are so many wonderful memories I get whenever I visit this house.

When I was in the bathroom, located right next to the living room where the television sits, I heard my grandma giving some advice to Cayden about viewing television (I guess she was making sure that if I didn’t parent correctly in this area, that she would have at least given her input). She said “Cayden, there are things some things that Mama and Papa don’t watch on tv. We don’t watch anything with bad words and we don’t watch stuff with lots of sexuality in it. We hope you make the same choices”.

Thanks grandma! She is 5 and has NO idea what sexuality is, but hopefully now she will watch out for that when she is watching sponge bob and looney tunes and hopefully I WON’T have any interesting questions to answer.

I do love my grandparents and I love spending time at their house. They always make it super special and I always tear up when I leave wondering if maybe this will be the last moment I share with them in that house (last year we were all called in to come “home” because they thought grandma was going to die, so it sadly is a reality). I just  think I may start a list of things NOW on what to do and what NOT to do when my 5 year old great granddaughter visits me.


I grew up in a small town in the southwest corner of Minnesota. There are things that I really miss about my hometown. There are things that I wish my children would have the chance to experience, but as for now they only get stories. Sometimes they don’t even believe my silly adventures growing up, especially when I tell them about snow. Snow to my children is some mysterious miracle that falls only at magical times. Last year when they saw their first REAL snowfall it was a celebration. For a small moment our family joined with the merriment of the neighbors and it was as if time stood still. I think in the distance I actually heard songs coming in unison from all the children everywhere. It really was magical. When I think of it, I sometimes get sad that my kids although enjoying many wonders of life, are missing out on some of the most amazing. I even find myself in awe of my own little adventures, things that people from the north would possibly take for granted, but being away from them they are truly fascinating. 

This year, Tim and I decided that instead of buying gifts for Cobe and Cayden, we were going to do something fun and family orientated. We tossed  few ideas around and then I asked Tim if we could do something with them that represented something from my childhood. We decided to take them snow tubing. It is funny to me, we actually paid money to do something I had access to almost my entire childhood, without paying a penny. And now, for me and my family, it was a novelty. 

We woke up early (OK, early for Christmas break) and got bundled up with many layers. (Thanks to Tim’s Aunt Roxie we were somewhat prepared with snowpants and gloves.) Once halfway layered we piled into the car for the much anticipated ride. Tim’s parents came also!

dsc_1705  dsc_1707

Then we stopped and got breakfast. Starbucks for me! Sheetz for the rest of the gang!

dsc_1734  dsc_1738

When we arrived at Wintergreen Resort the kids were squealing with excitement. They could hardly stand waiting, but we had to finish our mission with our many layers of clothing. Soon it was finally time to  complete this journey.


We had another surprise for the kids. Some of Tim’s family decided to meet us there. His Uncle Steve, Aunt Denise, Aunt Susie, Cousin David, Spencer and Stephanie all joined us and it was quite a treat. 

When we got to the tubing slopes my kids were so excited. You know when you get so excited that you fill with this energy and you just want to shiver or giggle, or scream? Quite often, in my case, funny stuff gets said or done and it usually doesn’t make sense. Well this was the excitement that was boiling through the blood of two children who were in more snow than they had ever seen and it showed. In fact Cobe decided to turn to his (Tim’s) cousin and challenge him. He was so excited that he got all giddy and yelled “Spencer, you’re going down…D-O-W-E!!!!!” It was so funny and cute at the same time. I just found myself saturating the moment. 

We had so much fun today! 




Cayden and Cobe rode down with eachother….

dsc_0365by themselves….



with every cousin…with daddy…with Gigi…


dsc_0352  dsc_0450  

and Grandad was there to capture every moment! Nothing like a proud Grandad!


Tim and I lassoed up ourselves a tube also. I found myself laughing, and screaming more today than I have in a while!

dsc_0404  dsc_0460

We concluded our adventure at a stop for lunch at McDonald’s. As you can see, my children love their (Tim’s) cousins. And Tim’s cousins take excellent care of our kids. It is so fun to be around family who LOVE family! 


I also have to say that I love Tim’s parents…who are amazing troopers in everything we decide to do.


Tonight Tim and I looked at each other many times commenting on how much fun today was. I felt some fulfillment for providing for my children with something that was so much a part of me and my childhood. Getting caught up in their excitement (even when they spelled words wrong) was so satisfying and so contagious. I found myself feeling like I was a kid again…except this time, I didn’t take it for granted. This time, I stopped and just enjoyed what was in front of me. This is what life is about. My kids g0t plenty for Christmas, specifically from Tim and I, a memory that will last their lifetime, and that is priceless!!!!!