That’s my boy!

I haven’t had a lot of time to write….and I hope to soon fill you in on my side of the move, but I have to tell you this little story (nothing major, but sweet)!

My son Cobe has been taught, since the birth of Cayden, that he is to stick up for her no matter what. There have been a few times when he has been pulled inside and set in time out for failure to comply to his orders. Most of the time he does his “big brother” responsibilities well.

At the present time our little girl is very consumed with relationships. She knows that she is not allowed to have a boyfriend, but that does not stop her from getting involved in everyone elses love life and occasionaly unseemingly picking up an interest herself. There is a boy down the street named David. David makes his rounds and has even managed to sneak a kiss from Cayden (once on the cheek and once on the hand).  This is not allowed at all in the Grandstaff house for obvious reasons.

David has a friend (a best friend if you will) named Davis. Cayden pretends like she cannot stand him, but everytime you say his name she giggles. Not to mention she about DIED when he walked by her and I in the hallway at school and I said hi. So yesterday on the way to Chic-fil-a night this conversation took place.

“You did?” said Cayden smiling

“Yup, I told him dat, I did” said Cobe in an almost proud way.

Curious, Tim inquired “What did you do?”

Cobe said adimately  “I told David he better tell his BBF, I mean BFB, I mean FBBF….” and then he stopped out of frustration.

Cayden leaned over and whispered “BFF” almost in a proud way so that her brother could finish his heroic statement.

“Yeah, I said ‘you better keep your BFF away from my sister or else I’m gonna punch you in the face!'” said Cobe with force

Cayden smiled proudly.

Tim said “That’s my boy!”

When I found out that Cobe was a boy, I am going to be honest, I cried one single tear. Tim cheered along with all the men (Boppa and Grandad) in the room. I didn’t know the first thing about a boy. I learned fast and enjoyed (and still do) ALMOST every minute of it. Then my heart sprang with joy when we found out  we were having a girl. I honestly could not have chosen it any better…in any different order. Cobe looks out for his little sister. I know that the road is far from ending for this boys job, but he does it well. He is my perfect protector for Cayden. What a lucky little girl to have such a brave BRAVE boy looking out for her.

*We do not promote violence in any way in our house, but if Cobe has to take it out on a boy for getting a little too close to my girl, I am not going to deny that he may get rewarded.

Red Day at School!


Going on 6

When I was 6 years old, and all grown up in my opinion, I was allowed to get my ears pierced. NOW, I had the opportunity at 5, but after watching my twin go through it, I decided to wait another year. Pain is not my forte. I don’t handle any kind of uncomfortable well. During labor with Cobe (which ended up being a emergency c-section) I had my mind made up that I was going to go as long as I could without the epidural. I had told Tim during birthing classes that this was my decision. He was to help coach me through the labor until I called for the pain releif. All was going well. In fact I was dilated to a 6 with no pain. Epidural? I laughed in the face of the Epidural…UNTIL they broke my water and I FELT my first contraction. Oh yes, I knew it was only getting worse after that and I summoned my “coach” to call the anasteseologist asap. 

On this day, when I was 6, however, I didn’t even cry. I was surprised. I was calm. It was pretty impressive if I don’t say myself. In fact I thought I should deserve some kind of acknowledgement since only a year before my sister had cried like a baby…but not me. I was brave. 

I had forgotten what an amazing feat of strength that was until one of my daughter’s best friends decided to walk down the same path as I. At 3 months old, Cayden had no choice. No matter what she was wearing people called her a boy. So I gave her beautiful earrings with the help of Jennifer Marblestone and a nice Indian man.

But Hailey, who was going on 6,


she had the CHOICE, and she was ready to make that step. A step into growing up. A decision that she had been begging for. So it was time.

At first she was confident. Then they started marking the dots where the holes would be placed and you could see her confidence turn slowly into uncertainty.

And then it was time for the real thing and Hailey wasn’t so sure anymore. So her mom, Kelly, tried to coax her with a sucker. Cayden went from holding her hand to hiding because she could not handle her friend going through so much pain.


It must have done something for her, because Hailey agreed to proceed.


dsc_4376Oh wait! It wasn’t that bad….

dsc_4377Hailey LOVED the result and in fact spent the rest of the short time with us on cloud 9, or whatever cloud you go to when you think you are the DIVA of the world. She was there with her side kick enhancing every part of it.




Hailey is proof to all you other  “going on 6” year olds of the world that beauty is pain…well, not all that much pain…but it IS beauty! 

Hailey I love you and I am so proud of your step into being a girl! Wear your bling with pride and when you get your earrings out I am going to buy you some big dangly earrings like your mom bought Cayden. You know the ones that she refused to take off, no matter where she was going. The ones that practically touched her shoulders. Yeah those. ANY big pair you want! You got it!