Let go? Maybe tomorrow.

There are many moments when my husband tells me that I need to step back and let the kids deal with some of the problems that come their way. I am learning. It is hard, but I am learning. There were times back home when Cobe would be in conflict and I would find myself in the middle of a first grade fight being the mediator. Not playing sides but helping the boys come to a reconciliation. Fighting for my son  so that he would not lose friends.  Tim would quickly pull me in reminding me that children need to learn how to deal with conflict. I know Tim is right. I have seen it work. As toddlers falling and waiting to see a reaction, then when none is received,  getting up and dusting their little legs. Even now as a newly first and second grader pushing them ALONE into uncharted territory. Teaching them independence which gives confidence. Learning that these little battles are theirs to learn to fight on their own.

Today, however, I sort of let the rule go out the window. We were walking the kids to school, well, Tim and I walked, the kids rode their scooters. This is all very new to us. We have never been at a school where we could just walk them to the doors. None the less, we were nearing the school grounds when we got stuck behind three girls.  Fifth grade girls, taking up the entire sidewalk moving at an extremely slow pace. I know girls can be girls so I wasn’t too bothered. We continued to walk trying to attempt to move around them, but the grass here is soaking with water and is impossible just to roll a scooter on, so I played the patient card and continued to walk KNOWING the girls knew we were there. Cayden is only in first grade and is not a super great scooter rider. So when she looked back at us to smile, she accidently bumped into the heel of one of the girls in front of us. The girl glanced back, gave a rude look, looked forward, and continued to take up the entire sidewalk. Cayden said sorry, and Tim told her to say excuse me so we could get around them. She did and the girls did not move. Then the one girl said to her two side kicks  in a very slow ‘valley girl’ like way “Can you believe I just got ran over by a little first grader?” Cayden did not hear her, but I did. I know it was a moment that I should have ignored the overly confident girls, but not today. I moved right next to that girl and said loudly “Excuse us, can you move over? Please get out of the way.” and I told my kids to follow. The girls moved over. Finally people could get by on both directions. I thought for sure Tim would say something but he just smiled.  I know I should have let go, but I still have at least 12 more years to get better at it.  Maybe tomorrow.


Roller Coaster Therapy


Lately there has been alot going on! Who doesn’t have stress with this economy? Add moving, selling a house, living with friends until your house sells, changing schools, starting a church and friends and family struggling in hurting relationships to the mix, and needless to say I have a little stress.  While most of the time I handle it well, there are days. I know I am not alone, we all have it, we all deal with it differently. Recently I have discovered a new way to help cope with unneeded stress. It is something I like to call Roller Coaster Therapy!

Not long ago we were headed to Disney when I received a phone call informing me of some hurtful and burdening news. I was sad and frustrated. I tried to vent a little to Tim, but then he started frustrating me and I could feel this ball of emotion build inside me. Not long after we entered the park we headed to Rock N Roller coaster. Since the line was at least an hour wait, we opted to ride in the “single rider line”. Soon I was strapping myself in next to a nice young man. He asked if I had ever ridden this particular ride before. I said yes, but told him I always get nervous on roller coasters. I informed him however that I am not the vomiting type. He was glad to know! Not long after, we were shot 0-60 mph into darkness. Now normally when I am sitting next to unfamiliar people I try to contain my composure, even on roller coasters. Today was different. All of the sudden this amazing blood curdling scream came out of no where. It felt wonderful! We looped around again. I could not stop. All this bundled up emotion was coming out in the most peculiar way. I even tried different things with my screams just because I could. I am sure the guy next to me thought I had issues….well I did have issues and I didn’t care. I was in darkness and restrained having my own little tantrum. It was invigorating. When the ride came to an end I pulled myself together and exited the ride with a big smile on my face. No one had to know what had happened in there. No one saw me and only the gentleman next to me knew where the sounds were coming from. Who was he? He had no clue who I was. It was great therapy for a stressful soul.

If you ever are in town and in need of a little therapy, I will glady assist you!

Pretty Darn Close

Once again Christmas nostalgia was running through my veins. I played my music and then I started craving PEPPERMINT MOCHA CREAMER by Coffee-mate!


There is a small problem with this, however, Coffee-mate does not sell it until the Holiday season. I found a recipe online and tried it tonight. It is pretty darn close. I did change it up a little. Here it is:

1 pint of half and half (can be regular or fat free)

1/2 cup white chocolate chips

1/4 cup peppermint syrup (I used Starbucks. You can get it year round, but you have to ask for it).


Melt the white chocolate chips in with a little of the creamer on Medium Heat (Do not boil!). Once melted add the rest of the creamer. Stir until mixed well. Add peppermint. Refridgerate for up to two weeks. Enjoy!

It is not perfect, but it is close.

I got the original recipe here. I tweaked it a little, but you can try it any way! I just want everyone to enjoy the holiday goodness!

Aren’t Birthday’s…

So my birthday was this past Tuesday. As always my husband does and amazing job making me feel special and loved. Every year I  wake up and lay in bed on my birthday with wonderment and anticipation. I know that somewhere in the house my family is doing something to make my day one of a kind. So I lay there impatiently and pretend  to sleep until the kids come and “wake me up”. This birthday was no different. Soon enough the kids came bursting into my room telling me to get up; leading me blindly down the flight of stairs (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t peek). There in the kitchen were streamers draped in an awkward way around the kitchen and dining area. Just for me! The smell of bacon was wonderful and the pancakes were made thin just the way I like them. They had cut up strawberries and a fresh pot of coffee. I was in heaven. When I sat down I noticed my birthday cards. One from each person. Earlier, Tim had taken the kids to Walmart and placed them in front of the Mom/Birthday section and told them to pick any card out. He went and worked on finding his card while they searched for their perfect card for me.Tim bought them and the kids hid away secretly and decorated them just for me. They LOVE sealing the card by themself. It was ready and set on the table for my enjoyment. I ripped the envelope to  Cayden’s card first.


It made me smile. It was just like her to pick a card with an cute animal on the front. THEN I opened it and laughed very hard. I was a little shocked. When I questioned Tim on his allowing her to get this card, he seemed confused, and then he read what was written on the inside, surrounded by Cayden’s innocent artwork.


Oh yes! Tim let them pick the card, but never looked inside. He wanted it to be their own thing and never thought twice when he stuck them in the Mom/birthday section. Honestly it was the most memorable card I have ever received. Cayden has NO idea why I laughed even though she knows how to read. She just was so in love with the front that the inside doesn’t matter. One day when I show this to her I know she too will think it is just as funny!

Cobe, however, went with something he knew I would love.


With a precious note inside.


Gosh I love my kids!