Oh the Elf drama!

We have an elf!


He came to us randomly from Santa himself. This elf is the ever popular Elf on the Shelf. I had heard about this tradition not too many years back and since I am all about traditions, it seemed like a great idea! I had put it off and then my son came home RAVING about an elf that came to his classroom. He was exuberant and passionate all about this elf the class had named Charlie. It was all I could do not to get into the excitement. That next day Tim and I went on a breakfast date and with a little surprise money that came to me in the mail and I invested in a memory that will last a lifetime.

Our elf came to us on a sunny afternoon. Randomly sitting in our wreath with the book of instructions below him. Naturally I asked Cobe what this book meant and of course he freaked out informing me that somewhere there was an elf. Once they located the elf they named him Max to give him his elf magic. Every night Max flies back to Santa and reports to him. If you don’t know the tradition there are basic rules.

  • The elf cannot talk (so says Santa).
  • You can talk all you want to the elf.
  • You cannot touch the elf or he may lose his magic.

So all was going well until the elf landed in Tims stocking this morning. The kids got close and even closer until tonight Cayden accidently touched it. So what do we do now? She cried for at least 20 minutes. Because as the rule states if you touch the elf he may loose his magic. DARNIT!!!! After some time, she calmed down and emailed Santa. It went like this:

dear santa im soree that i tatcht your elf love cayden

Hopefully Santa will send another elf to help Max get home and get his magic back. Until then we have Elf drama. Tomorrow should be fun!


We didn’t tell daddy!

We did not tell daddy today, but we had a plan. I whispered in Cayden’s ear that today was the day and she smiled and said “but don’t tell daddy”. I agreed. We knew better than to tell Tim that we we were going to get Cayden’s hair cut when I picked her up from school. It has been over two years since she has gone into a salon to have her hair cut. She was barely three. When I picked her up she was so excited. We went to Great Clips (WOO HOO!) and she could hardly wait. We even requested the shampoo. She giggled the entire time. Then it was time for the cut. 


I wasn’t sure what she would think, but as she started to see the result she loved it! She also loved making several different faces in the mirror.


It may not look like alot on her, but looking at the inches on the floor, we sure cut alot off!!!!


She even got the blow dry treatment. The hairdresser was real great with Cayden!


Naturally Cayden got a sucker. When she left the store she was giggling and posing. She LOVES her hair….now what would daddy think?

dsc_8282She actually called him to chat and NOT tell him about her hair, but she was so excited she said “wait until you see my hair”. Then she hung up on him because she could not believe she said anything, she really wanted it to be a surprise. When Tim saw her he told her she was beautiful and that he LOVED her hair, and then looked at me and said it’s too short. It will grow and now be even healthier I reminded him. He does not like to think of her growing up. She has searched her closet for the perfect outfit tomorrow to school. She said it has to be right because her hair HAS to look good!!!! I am sitting here thinking of how thankful I am to have a daughter. I love almost every minute of it.