I am alive!

I haven’t blogged in a while. Sometimes it is because I have so much going on (much that could provide humor and smiles) that I simply cannot write it all, and other times I feel that my life is so boring that I myself cannot even handle the boredom!

So today, there isn’t much going on, but I thought I should blog. When I say there isn’t much, I mean much that I can talk about or that you would care to hear about. The stuff that is causing drama and heart wrenching thoughts is not appropriate to write and everything else seems normal. Although…

Tuesday I moved Cayden’s kitchen out of her room into the garage. It will be an heirloom per her request and saved for her daughter. It will never go into her room for her alone to play on. My mommy heart was just a little sad. AND THEN…

Wednesday I cried as Tim drove the kids to school. I had a baby in my arms (little Emma Myers-whom I keep on some Wednesdays) and I cried standing on the side walk. Why? For the first time in my life Cobe hugged me 3 times ALL with his arms around my neck instead of under my arms. UGH! You know those moments that you are suppose to treasure because one day those every day moments are going to end and you won’t be a part of them. THIS was a perfect picture of that. My little man is now tall enough to hug me around my neck. The agony!!!! The pain in my heart! It just seems to be going so fast.

Thursday began wonderful and ended with more drama than I wished to handle and left me wanting to quit everything that we moved here for and move to a resort. I realize this might include me having to do illegal things, and after ALOT of prayer I am still very confident God brought us here for a very specific reason and I am honored to be a part of my destiny, the destiny that God is fulfilling.

Friday I spent the morning with Cayden in her classroom and then had coffee with two of my favorite people. I picked the kids up early and Tim and I decided to get away. So thanks to amazing people we got a deal at a local hotel and it was phenomenal! We laughed and just were able to enjoy each other and our kids. Sometimes when the world seems to crash around us we realize that family is the only constant below God and this is our time to have our family time.

Saturday during our getaway we had to go to Cobes game. He played amazing. His team is horrible. But he is always amazing to me. We went back to the pool and swam and talked and swam and rode the lazy river. Tim and I had some great talks about our future and different possibilities down the road. Some of it was not easy and some was the best news in the world. I really love my husband!

Sunday as always we were a part of something BIG!!! Genesis. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with responsibility. Other times I am scared to death about what will come soon. The thing is, when I see the different faces and the lives that GOD is changing I am reminded this was suppose to happen, and Tim and I are the vessel being used. Awesome! Genesis (in some form or another) would have happened, but I am lucky enough to have been asked to go on this journey. God’s will is always going to be filled, but I have the choice to choose whether or not He can fulfill my destiny.

Monday is never fun, unless there is no school. So in this case, booooooooo Monday! The kids had to return to class and life with reality has begun again!

That is my life for now. Soon I may have something more thought provoking. But now I can say I have blogged in the year 2011!