I live here? I thought I was just on Vacation.

Tim and I spent the first week of our married life on a Disney Cruise, at Disney and shopping in the Florida Mall.  The following year we made our way to Orlando for a mini vacation. The year after that we came to Orlando again, with a one year old and a tiny pregnant belly.  Year after year staying with the Harper’s and every so often getting lucky enough to make it to Disney for a day. Vacation in Orlando was wonderful.

One month ago today, my family made the trip down to Florida,


…and we are still here. We moved in with the Harper’s


…. an amazing couple who have so graciously allowed us to live with them until our house sells. When we moved in the first two weeks I thought “What a nice vacation”. The last two weeks in my head I know we are here for good, but my heart is waiting to pack the suitcases up and head home. Only, this is now home. Our days here are filled with pool time and trips to Walmart. We also have been fortunate enough to save up for one year passes to Disney. This has been wonderful for the kids and I. Tim is a good sport. How can you not love the greatest place on earth?

I love it here. Of course I miss my friends, but I know this is where we belong.

Here is a photographic update on the last month!

Shortly after getting here we ran into my nephews on their trip to Disney with their dad. We later planned an ice cream date at The Boardwalk at Disney.


For Father’s day we took Tim to Putt Putt per request. Tim chose to go to the Christmas putt putt because he loves me. It was so much fun. We listened to Christmas music while competing against the boys. They won but only after  a putt-off at the end.


On June 27th Cayden turned 6. Some amazing friends came to celebrate the big day. Cayden chose to go to the happiest place of all, Disney World!


On July 4th we were back at Disney to watch the spectacular fireworks.


Then this past week we were at Fellowship Orlando’s Adventure Week. The kids had an amazing time and actually learned so much more than we have ever seen. Cayden has made a wonderful friend who is awesome, and Cobe overcame some big hurtles this past week. We are so proud of them.


They both got to help lead worship on stage. This was a big help in getting them involved and of course Cayden loved when the Chic-fil-a cow came to visit. She actually had a hard time not looking at him!SSO_1068


Oh and ever since we watched My Girl together, Cayden thinks it is cool to tuck her shirt in. It kind of works for her…maybe :).


I know our little journey is just so new. I look forward to seeing what new adventures await…big and little.