She turned six a few weeks back. SIX! My little girl is growing, changing and becoming a little older….. I see it in her. I watch her move and I listen to the way she talks. It is all changing. It’s all becoming different. Sometimes I look and I see glimpses of the little toddler who would smile when I praised her. The tiny girl who looked to me to always dress her and always fix the little curls on her head. More often, lately, I see glimpses of who she will be as a young woman.  I see her little arms becoming a little more defined and her once chubby legs becoming more lanky. I can see, slowly, the wonderful creation that God is continuing to mold and make His. It breaks my heart that this little child, my little girl, is growing in an amazing way. Yet I know that this is all part of the cycle of life. I know it has to happen, like it did for me. Maybe one day she will get to experience the love and joy I have experienced  just in knowing her.

Cayden Reese I love you! You were a miracle to your daddy and I. I am so glad I had to lose to gain you! You make me smile and remind me of the small things in life. Thank you for being you!!!!!





3 thoughts on “Six

  1. I cannot believe how big! Cayden you grow more beautiful every day!!! I love you and Cobe always!!!!!!!!
    Ms. Christy

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